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Social Media Decoded

Michelle Thames

How do I grow my brand on social media? How do I come up with content to post? Can I become an influencer? Is it possible to make money online? Welcome to Social Media Decoded a podcast dedicated to helping creatives, influencers, business owners and entrepreneurs simplify social media and thrive online. Hosted by Michelle Thames a social media strategist, influencer, and owner of Thames Media Solutions. Michelle brings you all the best tips to help you understand social media better. Sharing the best tips like social media strategies, business tips to help you succeed. Michelle shares actionable tips that you can implement and see results. Michelle's strategies have helped her and her clients build multiple six-figure businesses utilizing social media. Michelle also has over 11 years of experience as a content creator and influencer. She has worked with brands such as Lenovo, Dollar Eighty, Toyota, Olay, Subway, Country Financial, and many more. Michelle loves spending her time researching social media and how it affects businesses online and brings a wealth of knowledge to this podcast. Michelle delivers her best social media advice every week, so make sure you bring your pens and notepads because gems will be dropped. She also interviews some of the best experts in the industry bringing you all the secrets to help you grow and succeed on social media. Social Media Decoded is the place for real conversations. Get inspired and take real action! Are you ready to thrive on social media? Tune in!
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